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Pittsburgh Beachbody Headshots | Kati’s Session | Matthew Blassey

Pittsburgh People Photographers | Matthew Blassey

I put together a customized session for Kati, giving her a range of looks that she intends to use in marketing her fitness business, as well as to use for her social media sites. Kati’s Pittsburgh Beachbody coaching business has quickly taken off & has grown rapidly in a short amount of time; and so too has her audience exposure throughout social media. With that being said, Kati decided now was a great time to update her profile with some professional photographs.

Kati’s main goal coming into the session was to have a professional business headshot to use for an upcoming Beachbody convention speaking event. When it came down to style, she didn’t want a traditional boring business headshot, but instead a modern-lifestyle portrait that was still business professional looking. I set out to create a series of photographs for Kati that were not only clean & elegant, but shots that also reflected her warm & energetic personality. In my short time of meeting Kati it was clear to see that she has a very spirited & energetic personality, and that was the main element I really wanted to bring out in these shots. I was really happy with the soft & personable expressions in these shots.

If you’d like to learn more about what Kati does in terms of fitness coaching and educating feel free to check out her blog.

Pittsburgh Beauty Photography | Matthew Blassey

Pittsburgh Headshot Photographers | Eleanor’s Session

Pittsburgh Comp Card Photographers | Matthew Blassey

I had a real enjoyable time taking pictures of Eleanor in studio. Eleanor’s early into her career as a local Pittsburgh actress and wanted some honest shots that were not only going to show off her warm, personable side, but convey a sense of confidence. She was a natural in terms of allowing herself to open up in front of the camera. Without a doubt, my favorite shot from the session is the bright eyed friendly + confident look she’s showing off in the white background photo below.
I hope these shots help to open a lot of new doors in Pittsburgh and beyond for Eleanor. I wish her the best!

Pittsburgh Fashion Photographers | Matthew Blassey


Pittsburgh Headshot Photographers | Jonathan’s Session | Matthew Blassey

Pittsburgh Head Shot Photography | Matthew Blassey

Pittsburgh based actor Jonathan came into his headshot session looking to overhaul his headshot look in the hopes of honing in on his redefined target market. Prior to the session, Jonathan had shown me his old headshot and It was good in terms of being personable & friendly, but it really wasn’t working to benefit his career anymore. This time around, with a greater sense of identity and experience under his belt, Jonathan was ready to make a leap in a focused direction of creating a headshot that had more of a serious, edgier style. Jonathan & his agent had decided that this would be his best approach in redefining his strategy, in an attempt to get a foot in the door of better targeted auditions & opportunities. I think he pulls off the gritty-edgy look well. From looking at these shots I can see Jonathan playing the character of a beat cop or tough blue color worker.

I hope these new shots prove to be the right tool for Jonathan in targeting his new market.

Pittsburgh Comp Card Photographers | Matthew Blassey

Pittsburgh Headshot Photographers | Montaja’s Session | Matthew Blassey

Pittsburgh People Photography | Matthew Blassey

Montaja is a local Pittsburgh Actress who was in need of fresh new headshots to update her look. I love her combination of strong + warm spirited looks in these shots. Montaja was a real natural in front of the camera and really rocked it.  She left this session with a nice variety of beautiful looks which she can now use to revamp and freshen up her portfolio.

It was a real pleasure to shoot and chat with Montaja. I hope these new headshots help to open some new doors & directions in her career!

Pittsburgh Model Photography Sessions | Matthew Blassey


Pittsburgh Film Headshots | Josie’s Session | Matthew Blassey

Pittsburgh Acting Headshots | Matthew Blassey

Josie is planning to move out to LA soon in pursuit of film acting and was looking to cross headshots off her list before making the jump. She made the 90 min drive into Pittsburgh, all the way from Indiana, PA; eager to get some professional headshots to kick start her portfolio. I worked to create a range of shots that conveyed Josie’s personable and approachable side along with an edgier, seductive set of looks that she’s often casted for.

I wish Josie the best of luck in her move to LA!

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Pittsburgh Portrait Photographers | Matthew Blassey

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