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Photography Gadgets | Orbis Ring Flash

I came across an affordable lighting tool that I wanted to share. Are you interested in creating new styles of lighting your subjects but cant afford equipment that is going to break the bank ? Well, the Orbis is a new affordable tool that your gonna wanna check out. The Orbis is a Ring Flash that uses your existing flash/strobe to create the same characteristic ring flash look that an expensive studio ring flash offers. The best part is that the Orbis cost a fraction of the price compared to what a Profoto ring light flash is listed at. The Orbis allows you to take photographs with shadowless quality of light. All you need is a standard flash/strobe unit and an off-camera cord (or other remote triggering method). The Orbis works with commonly used Canon 16-35, 24-70, 24-105, 70-200 (IS and non IS), Nikon 16-35, 24-70 and 70-200 (non VR), 18-200 VR and more.

To read more about the Orbis, follow the link below

Photography & Social Media | Photoblogging Is Essential

If you have some free downtime i definately recommend you check out the following video seminar that talks about successful photoblogging, “Making The Web Work For You”. Photographers Chase Jarvis, David Hobby (Strobist) and David Nightengale (Chromasia) speak about the success of their blogs, the rapidily changing web, and what key elements need to come together in developing a photoblog that helps to define your brand as a photographer. The info packed into this video seminar would probably be equivalent to at least spending 50 to 100 bucks to see this seminar live in your local city. If your interested in creating a blog and attracting readers then this is one video that is packed with a lot of valuable information and tips.

To View Video “Making The Web Work For You.”

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Chase Jarvis Photography Video | Pimp My Photo Van

I’ve been an avid blogger recently of commercial photographer Chase Jarvis’s blog. If you haven’t visited his blog I definitely recommend you check it out. He always has a variety of posts whether they’re text postings or videos. He talks a lot about current events in the photo industry as well as ideas, techniques, and strategies that keep his business running successful. Judging by his video posts, Chase and his team are always having a blast while working on assignment. Check out this video post of his showcasing this pimped out photography post production van. pretty cool.

Chase Jarvis Shorts: Pimped Photography Van

Photography Equipment | Video Podcast Reviews

These days with the lack of camera stores around, getting your hands on testing out new equipment before you buy it can almost be impossible. I came across a solution though that may just be the next best thing. B&H (if you’ve shopped online then you know B&H) offers short videos on the latest equipment that is out on the market. From the latest canon & nikon digital cameras to flashes and lighting accessories, each video features an overall view of the product along with its latest bells and whistles. You can either visit the B&H website to view the videos or you can subscribe to them via podcast if you have itunes. Check it out before you make your next big equipment purchase.

Visit B&H Website:
With your itunes music store open: search B&H Photo Online Video Podcast

Featured Photographer | Kelly Cline Food Photographer

I came across an interesting photographer by the name of Kelly Cline through listening to a podcast called LightSource. Kelly is not only a food photographer but a food stylus as well. Not only does she stylize the majority of the food herself, which sets her apart from other food photographers, but she photographs her work entirely with natural light. In this podcast she discusses how she strays away from using strobe lighting because she feels it really doesn’t allow her to get the full amount of control when creating her stylistic shots. Instead she uses many different hand crafted light modifiers to get some really beautiful natural looking shots. Check out her podcast if you have a chance.

Light Source Podcast

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