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Pittsburgh Musician Photography | Classical Guitarist

I recently had the opportunity to snap some shots of a local classical guitarist. Dan Rectenwald is a classical guitarist based here in Pittsburgh that teaches classical guitar as well as performs locally and nationally. He was looking for some shots to spice up his current website and was leaning towards portraits that had a fine art look and style. It was interesting to hear what Dan’s routine of practice was in maintaining his high level of play as a musician. Dan had mentioned that he practices on average of 3-4 hours a day just to maintain his edge since he competes in regional and national competitions on a regular basis. His website is currently under construction but you can check it out soon at

Pittsburgh Filmmaking | Keep The PA Tax Break Alive

My friend Aaron Kleiber who is a local actor and comedic entertainer brought to my attention the possible decision of Cutting The PA Arts Budget & Film Tax Break. So far this current Tax Break has really helped to bring more movies and film making productions to Pittsburgh which has helped to employ local actors, actresses, and film crew professionals. It has also helped to put Pittsburgh on the map of being the small city with big city film making potential.

Below is contact information to email the following Senators to reject the idea of cutting the Tax Break for filmmakers in Pennsylvania and the cutting of funds for arts programs in general. To save the PA Tax Credit program, it is going to take a tremendous amount of effort from every person and every business that is impacted by the film industry. Please send this to your contacts, your friends, relatives and anyone else you can enlist to help ensure the continuation of a very successful program.

Patricia H. Vance (R)
Senate District 31
Cumberland and York (part) Counties.
ADDRESS: Senate Box 203031
Harrisburg, PA 17120-3031
ROOM: 168 Capitol Building
TELEPHONE: (717) 787-8524


Jeffery Piccola (R)
Harrisburg Office
Room 173
Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120
(717) 787-6801
Fax (717) 783-3722


The Chairperson of the Committee leading the charge to eliminate the PA Film Tax Credit as well as cut funding for arts across the board is:

Senator Jane Earll (R)
PA 49th District, Erie County
District Office
200 West 11th Street
Erie, PA 16501
Ph: 814-453-2515
FAX: 814-871-4640


Chairperson of the Committee for Community, Economic & Recreational Development. This is considered “development”?!!!

People can find who their legislator is at

Thank you greatly for your support and action

Pittsburgh Studio Space | In Need of Space ?

I am passing along information in regards to Pittsburgh Artists/Photographers that are looking for affordable studio space.

A photographer friend of mine (mark bolster) recently joined a group called “Pittsburgh Army of Artists“. It is a co-op group of artists working in all types of disciplines.
John LeDonne, the organizer, has found studio space that has a great location and that is affordable.

The location is in the strip district on Liberty Ave. Between
28-29th St. It is the newly renovated Guardian Storage building.
John LeDonne has worked a deal with the building owner that will allow up to 30
artists (including photographers) to have access to a 2200 sq. ft.
space for only $50.00 per month and a $100.00 security deposit. Each
artist would sign a lease for a year. Here is what the space offers:

  • Utilities included & the space is heated and air conditioned
  • 24/7 secured access via touch pad security system
  • Window light facing East
  • Plenty of FREE newly paved off street parking
  • Large enclosed and secure loading dock (no weather hassles loading in
  • and out) Space for at least 4 vehicles at a time.
  • Fresh paint on walls
  • New, large public bathroom
  • Carpeted common areas
  • Studio will have a slop sink installed for painters/artist cleanup
  • Floor will be sanded and refinished with polyurethane.
  • Electrical outlets will be installed.
  • High ceiling with very few columns
  • Convenient 1st Fl.
  • GREAT location, easy walk over to Penn Ave. for lunch and shopping.
  • EASY access to wherever you need to go.
  • Safe and secure. You can leave personal equip there

You do NOT need to participate in Army of Artists activities. That
is strictly optional and up to you.
ADDRESS: 2839 Liberty Avenue

What this space can be used for:
Doing your art and photography. It is not to be used as a business
base, but rather a “location” with great access perfect for still
life, portraits, fashion shoots. Though you would be sharing with 29
other people, everyone wouldn’t be there at the same time and it
shouldn’t be too hard to get some privacy when needed. Once the
group of 30 people have committed we’ll have meetings and draw up a
list of rules and figure out the best way to all share and work in
harmony. The building is a NO SMOKING building. Personally, I plan
on shooting in the space 2-3 times a month doing portraits.
I’m not going to become a studio photographer, but I would like a
shoot location where I can work out of at last minute if weather gets
bad or I need a lofty, industrial looking location.

Currently there are have 10 people willing to commit. They need more. The
landlord is pressing for an answer within the next week or shortly after.
John doesn’t want the rent to be higher than $50. a month per person
and if he can’t get the commitment, we’ll pass on the space.

You can view the space Weekdays 9-6, Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-4
Ask for Bruce, who is the Marketing Mgr. for Gurardian Storage.
He is showing the space for the building owner. If you are still
interested after seeing the space, contact John LeDonne IMMEDIATELY
at : and he will get you on the list. Again, 30
is the magic number. No more. No less. Please forward this email to
anyone you think would be interested in getting out of the house, a crappy
space, or just wants to save a lot of money through the economies of
sharing space.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Website Tips | Posting Flickr Images To Your Blog

Rivera Maya, originally uploaded by mblassey.

If you are using flickr to store your photos online and you have a blog (ex: blogger or wordpress) there is a way to post to your blog from directly within flickr. Once your blog is configured with flickr you can simply click on your flickr image and select to post it to your blog along with your text about the photo.

Here are the links to get started
to create a flickr account –

to create a blog account – or

creating a connection between flickr & your blog.

(the image above was taken while on a trip to Rivera Maya, Mexico – Jan 08) | Create & Share Online Music Playlists

I came across a website that allows you to create free song playlists. Most of the time that I am working or web surfing on my computer, I am also streaming Pandora radio. So far its been great, allowing me to create stations of songs/artists that I like but I am at the mercy of Pandora when it comes to wanting to hear a favorite song that its stations play. The cool thing about is that I can search for songs, create custom playlists, and listen to those selected songs anytime I want. You can even share playlists with friends. Unfortunately you cant transfer songs to a portable device, but its a great tool if you listen to tunes on your computer a lot. Check it out. i have provided the links below.



i p h o n e o g r a p h y