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While I was attending a software seminar over the weekend, I learned of a new web tool to view photos and videos on your computer and throughout the web. The web tool is called Cooliris and it is an media browser application that provides you with a full screen 3D wall to view photo and video related searches on your computer of flickr, facebook, youtube, hulu and more. You can scroll through hundreds of web photos or videos quickly or you can show off a really cool interactive album of your personal photos and videos. You can launch Cooliris in the toolbar of your web browser. Download the application at

Definitely check it out, coolest web tool i’ve seen in awhile !

Websites For Photography Equipment | Affordable Equipment

I’ve been buying equipment from this whole sale photography equipment website for some time now and I thought I would share the link. This website has been great for buying products that range from light stands and soft boxes to bags and tripods. In the past I have purchased stands, a tripod head, soft box, reflectors, and camera bags. Everything that I’ve purchased has been made of good quality at very competitive prices, often at times much cheaper than b& and Its definitely worthwhile to at least check out. This website is also great for reading consumer feedback and reviews on purchased products. Everything I’ve ordered has been delivered in a timely manner and customer phone service has been helpful and friendly.
(great wholesale photography equipment company for bags stands and lighting accessories)

Website Photography Tips | Avoiding reflection in glasses

I came across a great blog that explains how to get rid of reflection’s in a subject’s glasses that your trying to photograph. Often at times when this happens it can be rather frustrating to try and fix this issue so I found a few quick tips that should help in getting you out of this jam.

“Think of the light hitting the glasses as a pool ball. It’s going to reflect off of the glasses, no matter what. The thing is to position the glasses so that the angle is such that the light reflects harmlessly off into space. Doesn’t really matter where. Just not towards your camera.” – Strobist: Lighting 101

Check out the comments section of this blog as well. There have been a lot of postings from various readers on other techniques that can be used.

Website Photoshop Techniques | Photoshop Tips & Plugins

I have been following this photoshop tricks blog for some time now and I thought I would post it.

This blog discusses new photoshop plugins that are out there like new filters or cool edges that you can add to your photographs. Earlier tonight I was previewing a video tutorial that explained how to use the Spot Healing Brush, Hue Saturation sliders, and the liquidfy tool. I actually found a useful tip that shows how to remove redness from a persons facial complexion which I will be applying to a clients photos later this week! Glad I found this tip, it saves me from flipping through 500 pages of my photoshop tips book… ugh.

here are the video links for the spot healing brush, hue & sat, and liquidfy tool

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