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Pittsburgh Senior Portraits | Cody’s Session | Mt. Lebanon High School

Pittsburgh Portrait Photographers | Matthew Blassey

Below are a few shots from my recent senior portrait photography session with Cody. We ventured to Pittsburgh’s Southside to photograph the majority of the session down and around a loading dock corridor; which provided a nice array of rustic textures and weathered colors to compliment the shots I had planned.

It was clear to me initially that Cody wasn’t digging the entire picture taking experience. Early into the shoot he had mentioned to me that he was mainly doing this session for his mom. However with that being said, Cody ended up being a good sport in working along with me to capture the shots I had planned. Overall he Cody gave a solid cooperative effort, and that’s all I could have asked for!

After graduation from Mt. Lebanon High School Cody plans to enter into the Pittsburgh Boilermakers Union. He’s already been undertaking classes for welding and really loves the field, so I wish him the best of luck in his upcoming career.

Pittsburgh Headshot Photography | Matthew Blassey


Pittsburgh Actress Photography | Mary’s Modeling Session

Pittsburgh Modeling Photography | Matthew Blassey

This session had been a shoot that was a bit of a long time in the making. Mary & I had originally met up about a year ago to discuss putting together a shoot but then things got hectic; life got in the way etc… and the idea ended up getting pushed to the back burner for both of us.

Mary happened to be back in Pittsburgh this summer, performing as an actress in the Allenberry Resort Inn & Playhouse production of Hairspray, so we were able to connect again and get the shoot off the ground. In planning for this shoot, I was looking to go for a more serious, dramatic tone mixed in with an edgy style of lighting & location. Mary provided a great range of expression throughout the session which that made my coaching almost effortless. I had a great time shooting and chatting with Mary, and I hope we have a chance to do another session down the road.

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Pittsburgh Headshot Photography | Matthew Blassey

Pittsburgh Headshots | Natalie’s Session | Matthew Blassey

Pittsburgh Headshot Photographers | Matthew Blassey

Natalie returned home to Pittsburgh from New York City to re-energize and catch up on some much needed time with her family. And, while at home, she was in need of some updated headshots which I was happy to shoot for her.  Once Natalie and I had a chance to get some creative energy flowing through conversation and a handful of coaching exercises I shared with her we were able to get off and running in capturing some revealing and honest headshots.

I hope Natalie got some well needed R&R in the burgh and I wish her the best of luck on her upcoming auditions with her new headshots!

Pittsburgh Modeling Photographers | Matthew Blassey

Pittsburgh Headshot Photographers | Nicole’s Session | Matthew Blassey

Pittsburgh Headshots | Matthew Blassey

Nicole came to me eager to get some brand spankin new headshots as she’s just starting to get her feet wet in her pursuit of becoming an actress. Nicole hadn’t been through the professional picture taking experience since having her senior portraits taken, so the session flow was pretty new and a bit foreign to her. Taking that into mind, I did my best to make her feel at home in trying to take her mind off of the big bulky camera infront of her face and instead focused her attention on some improvisation and coaching tips I taught her.

After we were able to break the ice and dig down a little deeper past the surface nicole opened up and provided me with a combination of comfortable and confident expressions that totally made the session a success!

I wish Nicole well in her continuing pursuit and I hope her new headshots help her to open some new doors.

Pittsburgh Portrait Photographers | Matthew Blassey

Modeling Shots | Brian | Pittsburgh Modeling Portfolio Photographer

Pittsburgh Modeling Photographers | Matthew Blassey

Brian is currently in the early stages of pursuing a modeling career and recently came to me in need of some shots to kickstart his portfolio. He’s in the beginning phase of testing the waters right now and needed a series of images to submit to a local agency, The Talent Group, just to get the ball rolling. With that in mind I set out to create a variety of styles and looks that could get him off and running with a starter portfolio of images.

Brian had a very natural and honest presence in front of the camera during our session. He was open to my instruction and eager to take direction in helping me to create a strong range of looks. Without knowing, I never would have known this was Brian’s first professional shoot. I think Brian will do well & I wish him the best.

Pittsburgh Acting Headshots | Matthew Blassey

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