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Pittsburgh Headshot Photography | Beth’s Session

I recently completed a headshot session for Beth, a local actress looking to get more involved in the Pittsburgh theater community.  Beth started her career with a local improv troupe and has been building her talent and experience for a few years since.  She decided that new headshots would help her strengthen her portfolio by illustrating different aspects of her abilities, and, in turn,  allow her to be more active in the industry.  I had a great time chatting & shooting with Beth and I was very interested to hear her perspective on what kinds of skills and challenges go into improv acting.

Beth is currently part of the Steel City Improv Theater.  If you would like to find out more about Steel City Improv shows check out their facebook page.


Pittsburgh Headshot Photography | Brian’s Session

Brian recently came to me in need of some new headshots. It had been a few years since he had them updated and he was looking for an updated photo to use for an upcoming grad school submission. He’s is kind of a jack of all trades when it comes to his involvement in Pittsburgh theater, being experienced theater actor as well as a theater director & producer. I enjoyed having the opportunity to chat with Brian in hearing about his approach & involvement in acting versus directing. Brian is currently producing/directing Amish Burlesque and is a head member of a production network called Chessboard Creative.


Pittsburgh Fashion Photography | Etsy Clothing Shoot: Session II

Below are some shots taken from a second session I did for Tera, who’s in the process of kick starting her clothing storefront on ETSY.COM. For this shoot we made use of this rustic old condemned garage that ended up nicely complimenting the style we were going for by providing interesting textures and backgrounds for the shots.

If your interested in seeing shots from the first clothing session click here.

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Pittsburgh Portrait Photography | Unexpected Ideas

My friend Jon had dropped by a recent shoot while I was photographing some clothing catalog model style shots for an assignment that had taken place in an old run down rustic garage.  At the time Jon was growing a huge beard and was wearing a lumberjack style shirt like he had just walked out of the woods from cutting down trees.  The random timing of this scenario presented me with a perfect combination of subject and setting to photograph! I’d have to say some of my favorite shots have come from unexpected timing & unplanned ideas.








Pittsburgh Fashion Photography | Etsy Clothing Shoot

I recently took some shots for a friend who’s in the process of getting her web storefront clothing business up and running. My friend Tera has built up an extensive variety of dresses and various clothing articles that she’s collected through local community thrift shops. She’s now at the stage of setting up an online storefront through to start selling her outfits and was looking for a handful of images to display her style.  Below are some samples from the shoot.

And if your interested in handmade items of all sorts and genres I recommend checking out Theres a wide variety of cool stuff on there.

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