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Social Networking & Tools | Facebook Profile vs. Fan Page

Whats the real difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Fan Page and how can a Fan Page benefit your business as a photographer ? This is a question I asked myself a few weeks ago when I was interested in exploring new marketing avenues for my business. So I did some google surfing and came up with some answers that I wanted to share.

FaceBook Profile: This is for individuals where they can post their personal life and interests with the intent to connect to friends and family. They can post their status updates, videos, pictures, send messages, post comments on walls, and socialize within the Facebook community.

FaceBook Fan Page: This is where you can post business information about your company and or product or service you are selling. You can also create & administer Fan Pages for other individuals & businesses. A variety of items such as events, videos, photos, and promos can be posted on your page. To maintain a successful fan page you should also consistently post updates, news, and information related to your business and you should also encourage your fans to post testimonials and spread the word about your business. A Fan Page also has a feature that allows you to track metrics, allowing you to know the number of visitors that travel to your page along with their demographic information.

All and all, a Facebook Fan page is a great (free ! ) way to market your business and create a brand presence on the internet.

getting started with a facebook fan page:

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